Making the United States great again!

By Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher


“And [the United States] has not heard that large segments of white society are more concerned with tranquility and the status quo than with justice and humanity.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


When former President Ronald Reagan first expressed the phrase: “Let’s make America great again,” it was during his presidential campaign in 1980. Reagan used the mantra as a cry of hope for Americans to trust his vote to his administration in an attempt to recover from stagflation.


Since then, other presidents and candidates have used it as a kind of exaggeration to motivate voters. However, Donald J. Trump has adopted him and made him his trademark as president. Regardless of the intention of his original origin, he has secretly transformed it, to make fun of some Americans. WE MUST understand this when Trump talks about DOING GREAT AMERICA AGAIN, he is imagining an American where whites are supreme beings above all other races and cultures. Trump is making Britain again the defective mentality and the expectation that whites are the only ones at the top of the US economic totem.


His MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN welcomes and justifies the mass incarceration of minorities throughout the country. DOING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for Donald Trump is inciting and injecting violence and hate into the hearts of his followers; supporters who in return react with their fanatic words, tweets and crazy ravings.


I cannot help thinking about the fact that Donald Trump has endeavored to try to dismantle, annul and completely destroy the legacy of the first recognized black president of the United States; but the joke has really been about him.


This president took office with the mentality of separating the “Haves” from the “Have Nots”. (Hell with all of them … Build a wall …). But in that, what he doesn’t realize is that while he has deliberately tried to destroy Obama’s legacy, he is leaving a terrible legacy.


On more than one occasion, this president made presidential demonstrations that prompted violence and protests by the Americans. On numerous occasions he has allowed his racist spokesman to rampage with the insults that degrade US citizens of foreign countries. But all that has been in the name of … MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


Then, when I turned on the news last week and saw several shots across the country, I said to myself: “I’m sure this president is proud.” Especially once 21 years, Patrick Crusius left 22 people dead and injured more than two dozen people in a Walmart in El Paso.


Just under an hour before the mass shooting, Crusius, a native of Allen, launched a racist and anti-immigrant manifesto of four pages.