“Lady Frijoles” premieres as a TV host in Honduras talking about the “evil eye”

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By LaRaza on Sep 20, 2019


Miriam Zelaya Gómez, known as “Lady Frijoles”, premiered this Thursday as the host of the program Las Doñas on the channel Qhubo TVin Honduras.

“The beliefs of the grandmothers” was the topic of the conversation between Zelaya Gómez and her three panelmates.

The first part of the program focused on talking about grandmothers’ superstitions to rid children of the “evil eye.”

Among other things, the newly deported Honduran from the United States to Honduras, her country of origin, in the midst of a case of aggravated aggression in Texas, talks about the superstitions passed by grandmothers to other generations.

Lady Frijoles’ intervention is interspersed with calls from the public.

One of the spectators mentioned about egg cleaning for children as a method to purify the aura and remove obstacles.

Zelaya Gómez indicates that “guaro” (cane brandy) can be added to the egg.

The Central American then proceeds to talk about how a deceased neighbor cured her eldest son, at eight months, for an alleged “big eye.”

“I took him to her and she had a ‘big eye’ and she cured him. A very strong gachito eye … ”, says the moderator who said that before she had to take him to the hospital as an emergency.

Lady Beans adds that the woman threw the shell of the egg into the fire so that it burned as part of the ritual.

The first episode in which the Honduran participated was transmitted simultaneously by the channel’s Facebook page.

In a matter of a week, Lady Frijoles who became popular in networks for calling that food, food for pigs (pigs) at one of the stops of the migrant caravan in Mexico, went from deported immigrant to television personality.

This Tuesday, the general manager of Qhubo TV Mario “Chano” Rivera, formalized the hiring of Zelaya Gómez, as moderator of the morning space.

The immigrant returned to Honduras last Friday.

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