National Hispanic Foundation For The Arts Launches Latinx Story ARC Writer’s Room Program

By Dino-Ray Ramos 
September 17, 2019 12:32pm


EXCLUSIVE: In the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month, The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts has teamed with the ArcFord Foundation for the inaugural Latinx Story Arc Writer’s Room Program, which will help create a strong television and film Latinx writer pipeline.

In a time when representation in front of and behind the camera has been top of mind in film and TV — and it all starts on the page. NHFA’s ARC Writer’s Room hopes to fuel authentic representation of the Latinx community on TV and film with their new initiative. The program will take place December 1-12 and will select five writers that will have the opportunity to participate in an intensive writing program with an experienced showrunner. The end goal of program is to have the writers pen a five-episode television series that would be developed for commercial sale.

“NHFA is uniquely equipped to bring together the best and the brightest of next generation Latino writers,” said Noel Greene, of the ArcFord Foundation. “Until more Latino writers are able to achieve representation and guild membership, Latino on-screen and behind-the-camera presence will continue to lag behind.”

“This program has the potential to serve as a real pipeline for the many capable Latino writers, waiting and ready in the wings, but lack the institutional employment to march up the ranks to showrunner,” adds Felix Sanchez, NHFA Chairman and Co-founder. “This writer’s program has a precise purpose and focus that will open doors for more Latinx writers.”

The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts was founded by actors Jimmy Smits, Esai Morales, Sonia Braga, Merel Julia, as well as Washington D.C. attorney Felix Sanchez. The NHFA addresses the underrepresentation of the Latinx community in entertainment through initiatives like the Latinx Story Arc Writer’s Room Program as well as audience and industry outreach, content and talent development, diversity and civil rights advocacy.